10 Of My Favorite Sleepers

The term "sleeper car" refers to a car that looks average but will cook unknowing competition, especially at a stop light. So here's the list of my personal favorite sleepers. Mercury Maurader- Long story short, if you want an SVT Cobra, but need room for a few more people, the Maurader, was your answer. It... Continue Reading →

Badge Engineered Cars That Actually Weren’t Bad

My last list of badge engineered cars, was comprised of cars that sucked. This list is almost the exact opposite. No long introduction is needed here, so here is the list of "Badge Engineered Cars That Actually Weren't Bad." Holden Commodore (VE/VF)-Pontiac G8/Chevy SS/Caprice PPV- People who know me personally, know that the G8, SS... Continue Reading →

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