Straight Outta the Graveyard: 88 Pontiac LeMans

So in the spirit of Monday, I bring to you another edition of “Straight Outta the Graveyard”. On this episode I bring you one of many of GM’s failed attempts at a small econobox. No…we aren’t talking about fire breathing muscle, we are talking about a Daewoo. Yes…a Daewoo. Has anyone seen those knockoff Toyota’s around lately. I mean every time I see them on Craigslist, they are either at 99,999 miles and 1 mile away from imminent breakdown, or at 100,000 miles and “imminent breakdown” has already occured.


Well back to the Dae…wait…Ope…ummm…Vaxhu…
Pontiac LeMans. Based on GMs legendary (yeah real funny) “T” platform, it was made globally. Which means that it comes under several marquees. But that one isn’t enough to make this car load of heaping garbage. Its the fact that this car is/was in an undisclosed junkyard and still had plenty of parts on it. I visited it a few weeks later and with exception to water in the floorboard, she was 100% together. So maybe this wasn’t an in depth review of the Daewoo, but who can write a review on a Daewoo



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