12 Cars We Wish We Had in America [Updated]

12 Cars We Wish We Had in America [Updated]

On this side of the planet, we have some pretty epic cars. Names like the Chevy Corvette, Saleen S7, Ford GT and others, strike fear in most supercars. The Chevy Silverado, Ram, and Ford F-150 dominate the truck world and names like the Ford Focus RS, ATS-v and CTS-v run with the best the foreigners got. Even with all of the amazing rides we have here in the U.S., there are still plenty more that we wish saw our borders. So, here is a list of cars we wish we had, inside of our borders. 


Nissan Patrol

The Patrol is Nissan’s equivalent of Toyota’s FJ/4Runner/Land Cruiser. It’s rough, and tough, and ready to rumble. This would have been the perfect addition to the American Nissan, lineup. Although, the sixth gen models are the U.S. equivalent of the Armada and QX56/80, the 5th gen, is what we want. I would have rather had the Patrol, than then Xterra, but it is what it is.

TVR Sagaris

The Sagaris has to be the best looking TVR ever made. It’s a unique design, but my main favorite feature is the side exit exhaust, which is not the typical side exit exhaust we are used to. We just missed out on the Sagaris, because airbags and ABS aren’t standard, which big brother wants us all to have. 

VW Amarok 

German brands aren’t synonymous with pickup trucks. Yeah, you have some random entries from VW, but the Amarok would be an interesting entry in the mid-size truck market. Too bad, The won’t send it stateside.


Mercedes X-Class- 

Even thought the X-Class is not meant to be a “fat cowboy truck” according to the Volker Mornhinweg, the X-Class would be more than welcomed on this side of the planet. Granted, luxury versions of trucks tend to not hang around for long and the U.S. Market is monopolized by American made trucks, the X-Class may see success relative to the Tacoma. Besides, considering the fact that Mercedes does pretty good with off-road vehicles (note: the Unimog and G-Class).

Ford FPV Falcon- 

A classic example of how the Aussies get the cool cars. The Falcon was sold over here back in the day, but the Australian version has always been cooler and left hand drive only. I’m mainly talking about the FG, BF and BA models from the FPV (Ford Performance Vehciles). These not only had some pretty awesome looks. These had a pretty good selection of engines. Mainly, a 4.0L turbo six which pushes around the 300HP range and the V8’s (5.4L or 5.0 “Coyote”) which hit in the 400HP range. Sadly, Ford is shutting down the majority of it Australian production which means, the Falcon might fly off into the sunset. 

Holden HSV Maloo UTE/Commodore SS-

Just like the last vehicle mentioned, this is another right hand drive, Aussie powerhouse that we wish came stateside. Well, the Commodore has seen the states in various iterations. The Commodore has been dressed as the Pontiac G8 and Chevy SS, which were both short lived but impactful during their stay. As much as we wish GM would keep their full-sized, RWD bruisers around, they don’t due to the fact that they can only sell so many. The Maloo UTE, is basically a modern day El Camino. It shattered the Ram SRT10’s 155mph top speed record, with a 168mph speed. Just like the Falcon, the Commodore and Maloo might see the sunset as GM is shutting down Holden production as well.

Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake-

Not only is the CLS already a stunner, but the Shooting Brake version adds to the beauty. With the AMG treatment, the CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake is even more of a beauty, with beastly intentions. There’s only one problem. The “Shooting Brake” CLS has been discontinued and even with that happening, the main issue was the decline in interest for wagons. After the Dodge Magnum was discontinued, it seemed like the remainder of wagons left with it…at least in spirit.

VW Scirocco/R-

The Scirocco is one of the coolest sport coupes in the world. It would definitely be competitive in the growing hot-hatch market, like the Megane, which is mentioned at the end of this post. VW enthusiasts would love to show off their slammed Scirocco at car meets across the country. So with the opportunity to move a copious amount of them, why won’t they bring it here. Simple. One, it would interfere with the Golf’s presence in the U.S. hot hatch market. The production of a U.S. spec Scirocco interferes with another U.S. favorite, the SUV. Lastly, it would be incredibly expensive to produce a Scirocco with U.S. specs.

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf-

Aston Martin gave us the Rapide, which was as visually striking as the Bond girls. Aston Martin then teased us with the Lagonda Taraf, which would have definitely been more than welcomed stateside. It’s a work of art and it’s price reflects that. Only 200 would be made and their price tag is $1 million. Although the Lagonda Taraf costs way more than the similarly exclusive Mercedes-Maybach S600, it’s exclusivity sells it. However, if you want one, you have to meet some requirements. Not only do you have to make the list of worthy owners, but you also have to live in Dubai. 

Noble M600-

The Noble M600 is billed as a pure drivers car. It’s powered by a Volvo/Yamaha sourced 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 which produces variable horsepower ratings, from 450HP to 660HP. It’s a perfect hand-built British supercar that runs with the best of supercars and hypercars at that rate. On Top Gear’s test track, with help from the Stig, the M600 ran a time that surpassed the Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zonda F, which are elite supercars in their own right. The main issue with why we can’t get the might Noble in this country is simple. The M600 isn’t optioned with traction control, stability control and ABS as standard options which doesn’t make it U.S. friendly.

Land Rover Defender-

Another British favorite that never…completely…made it stateside. It’s off-road prowess rivals, the world’s best if it isn’t the worlds best. It’s not the most luxurious Land Rover and that’s because it’s not built to be. It’s diesel powered which everyone loves and it’s ultra-rugged. The Defender in all iterations is meant to be the working mans Land Rover. It has also been used for commercial purposes because of it’s ultra versatility. So why cant’t we get one. Besides that fact that Land Rover is planning a replacement due it’s current design being obsolete even for the European market, the Defender doesn’t meet current U.S. crash ratings and emissions, which is an expensive fix.

RenaultSport Megane-

The last time the French came stateside, it was an epic fail. With newer offerings, the French automakers such as Citroen and Renault have models that would survive in the U.S. My pick of the liter would be the RenaultSport Megane, which would definatlely be a hit. With the return of the Focus RS with the Cosworth treatment and the Civic Type-R which is making its first appearance in the U.S., this would be the best time for the Megane to see our shores. While it would be a hit, the last time the French were here, it didn’t go so well. 


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