8 Non Mustang Shelbys

Shelby, while notorious for re-engineering and tuning the world’s most epic Mustangs, has not always built Mustangs. There were a few cars that carried Carroll Shelby’s legendary name, that fell to the back burner. As a matter of fact, Shelby has built several cars from the Dodge family and other brands. So here’s a list of Shelby branded cars, that weren’t Mustangs. Warning: Some of this list may surprise you. 

Shelby Series 1- 

The Shelby Series 1 was the only car to ever be produced by Carroll Shelby from the ground up. Powered by either a naturally aspirated or supercharged 4.0L Northstar V8, as used in the Olds Aurora, the Series 1 generates near supercar performance.

Dodge Omni GLHS-

The Omni was ominously terrible (pun intended). So Dodge made a performance model dubbed GLH, which stood for “Goes Like Hell”. The GLHS was the Shelby version and the “S” didn’t stand for “Shelby,” it stood for “S’more.” It was turbocharged and ran a respectable (for the 80s) 0-60 time of 8 seconds.

Shelby Cobra/Concept- 

This was the start of it all. Carroll Shelby imported the AC Cobra over to the U.S., which was already a successful British racing manufacturer, rammed a Ford V8 under the hood, and there you have the Cobra. Which Ford V8 you ask? The 289 (4.67) or the massive 427 (7.0L). The concept version came out in 2004, powers by a 6.4L V10. The concept verison stared in XXX: State of the Union along with Ice Cube.

1999-00 Dodge Durango S.P. 360-

Yes, Shelby, which is notorious for making the infamous GT350, GT500 among other sports cars, played around with the 1st generation Dodge Durango which birthed the Durango S.P. 360. This extremely rare Durango, was powered by a supercharged 5.9L Magnum V8 and had other performance oriented goodies, which was unheard of, at the time of its production.

Ford/Shelby GR-1 Concept-

Capitalizing on the reception of the Cobra Concept, the GR-1 was another resurrected Shelby. Powered by the same 6.4L V10 used in the Cobra Concept, the GR-1 was as powerful as it was visually stunning. It was based on the next car on the list. 

Shelby Daytona Coupe- 

Speaking of the GR-1 Concept, the Daytona Coupe is what the GR-1 was based off. They were built for the LeMans race, more importantly, the Mulsanne Straight, which if you have played the Forza series, know what that straight-away is. Anyway, there were six original Daytona Coupes, which were each different from each other.

Dodge Shadow CSX/CSX-T- 

The Dodge Shadow was as memorable as a goldfish, in a bowl. The Shadow was basically one of the many crappy 80s mode Chryslers. With that being said Shelby even blessed the Shadow with upgraded performance mods, that allowed it to run with the sports and muscle cars of the time. 

Dodge Viper RT/10 & GTS C/S

Yes, the Shelby even touched the mighty Dodge Viper. With only 19 built, the Viper RT/10 C/S was another rare Dodge/Shelby collaboration. The only true differences between the stock Viper and the C/S editions were performance mods and Shelby logos.

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