BMW iVision Dynamics Concept Thoughts Frankfurt 2017

BMW iVision Dynamics Concept Thoughts Frankfurt 2017

For my next post about Frankfurt 2017, I will be discussing the next BMW i-series car. This one is not an M car, or the typical Bimmer. The iVision Dynamics, which will probably fit in the i5/i6 naming scheme. If you haven’t already guessed, the iVision Dynamics Concept is BMW’s Tesla fighting electric car. This is a part of BMW’s plan to produce 12 electric vehicles by the time 2025 hits. There are some big promises that the iVision Dynamics Concept makes, so here’s a quick rundown.

[Photo Source: BMW]

BMW iVision Dynamics Concept Drivetrain

The best part about the iVision Dynamics Concept, is the apparent 373 mile range. To compare that to another electric vehicle (cough…Model S…cough), the range on the iVision Dynamics Concept is roughly 60 miles longer. Although this is just a number that the concept is supposed to achieve, and may not be the case with a production model this is an impressive number. Seeing as the iVision Dynamics Concept is a future model for BMW, the drivetrain alone looks promising. BMW wants to offer 12 electric vehicles by 2025, so the introduction of this concept, which will, again, go by i5, would definitely place BMW as a competitor. According to, this car is supposed to run a 0-60 (more like 0-64mph or 0-100kph) in four seconds. Not really a “ludicrous” mode killer, but competitive, nevertheless.

[Photo Source: BMW]

iVision Dynamics Concept Design

Let’s just air this fact out first. The iVision Dynamics Concept is a concept at the end of the day, and that might not translate to the production model. This doesn’t mean the BMW won’t implement the concept’s various design cues, it just means that the production model may look different from what we see today. With that being said, the iVision Dynamics Concept looks sweet, and is one of the best looking concepts from BMW in a while. You might say some of their other Vision Dynamics concepts look as cool if not better, but in my honest opinion, this is their best. 

The iVision Dynamics Concept pulls from past BMW’s, in terms of design, but adds the futuristic flair that only a concept can. Realistically, the production model might look not feature some of the lines like the notch in the windows, and the headlights but I’d imagine, much of this design may be carried over. You still have the traditional “kidney bean” grille, although its more a trim piece, than an actual grille. The wheels might change a bit, but again, we might carry over a lot of this stuff over. I’d even go out on a limb and say the design of the iVision Dynamics Concept, will not only see production with minimal tweaks, but will be the basis for future BMWs. Maybe not the gas-powered models, but the future “i” models.

iVision Dynamics Concept Interior

I wish there was something to say about the interior of the iVision Dynamics Concept. So far, there hasn’t been too much to speak on, because there hasn’t been any good info about it. Expect it to be futuristic, or atleast similar to what is seen in similar sized BMWs, and/or the i8.

iVision Dynamics Concept Thoughts

The iVision Dynamics Concept is basically what will become the BMW i5. I think the i5 will be the Tesla fighter BMW needs, in order to stay relevant. Not saying BMW has a problem with relevancy, just saying in terms of EVs, this would put BMW in the spotlight for a Model S fighter. Should BMW decide to make an M edition, the performance upgrades might put the i5 not only against the Model S, but against another German rival, Porsche, and their Mission-E. 

I believe my favorite piece of the i5, is the “kidney bean” inspired grille, which isn’t actually a grille. Instead of having a traditional kidney bean grille, the i5 uses the stylized piece, to house all different kinds of sensors. Pretty cool piece. 

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