Future Classics [Updated]

Ever sit back and wonder what cars are going to be deemed “future classics”? Think about it. Nowadays, anything from classic muscle cars to race-bred european and even the weird and obscure cars roll across auction blocks worldwide. So let’s fast forward to 20 years from now. What cars would be the must haves for the next generation of enthusiasts and fans?  Here’s some of what I think and again, as always, feel free to comment what cars you think will be classics in due time.

1. Chevrolet Impala SS


No, this is not referring to the front wheel drive models at the turn of the millennium. This is referring to the 94-96 Impala SS and more specifically the 96 because of it’s cool factor. It’s Corvette inspired drivetrain as well as its appearance in a few films, and the fact that it was one of the last true American full-sized, body on frame sedans, I’d say it is destined to be a classic. Not to mention it is already hard to find one and the prices are still above $10k, so just imagine what 20 years will do.

2. Toyota FJ Cruiser


The “retro design” phase is about dead, with a few automakers designing their cars from classic templates. The FJ was no exception. It actually was a cool ride to be honest and it gave us a perfect mix of off-road capability and cool looks. Unlike some of the other retro inspired rides, this one actually didn’t retire into obscurity. As a matter of fact, they still have a high price tag even though they are retired. The FJ Cruiser will be, like the classic, a loved off road machine in due time.

3. Ford Mustang GT


What is American Muscle, without mentioning the Ford Mustang? Honestly, these from the Fox Bodies to the New Edge to the new retro inspired models, these Mustangs will be classics. Sure some cares less for the 4.6 Modular engined models and without all of the “Street Outlaws” wannabes in the world, the fox bodies may end up in scrapyards more than auction blocks. Let’s just think this through though. Can you imagine what a clean, low mileage fox body will bring in when crossing the block?

4. Chevrolet Camaro/Firebird/Trans Am


Just like the Mustang, the later iterations of the Camaro will eventually be future classics. The Z28 and SS, 4th generation models may not the greatest in the f-body lineage, but they still pull a premium. I think that in time, they will reach the classic status and not be as much of an odd ball design as they became in later years. Of course, the most desirable will be the SS and Z28 Camaro models along with the Formula and  WS6 Firebird/Trans Am. Maybe it is just a personal thing, but I truly like the “catfish” designs. 

5. Dodge Ram SRT 10


Ram already produces a pretty stout truck. When Dodge made them it wasn’t any different, but they made one that was basically the Bane of Ram trucks. It was the SRT10 Ram which was Viper powered, which also gave the Ram another name of, the Viper Truck. I haven’t seen alot of them running around which makes this insane scientific creation from the boys at SRT, a definite candidate for future classic status.

6. Dodge/SRT Viper

This one may be still alive and kicking but it’s lifeline is slowly getting removed. That makes the Viper a future classic due to the fact that this was one of the few supercars. Not to mention, it was an overpowered monster of a super car that lacked modern safety technology like traction control and it was one of the few from the good ole USA. V10 powered which also powers the former car on this list, is one of the most brutal sounding engines known and definitely impressive on the stat sheet. The Viper is truly an icon and future classic, besides who doesn’t love a car that could kill you if you allowed it too.

7. Lamborghini Gallardo


The Gallardo is definitely the most popular of the bulls. It was a Lamborghini that didn’t require an owner to own a car, boat and a plane in order to own. It didn’t require you to hang half way out of the car to reverse and it gives a sense of live-ability which is hardly ever found in Lamborghini ranks. The V10 produced a healthy horsepower number and it followed suit with the flagship Murceilago, Reventon and Aventador. Not to mention there was a Gallardo for anyway of the week. There was the Spyder, the Superleggera, the Squadra Corse, the SE, the LP570-4 Spyder Peformante, the LP600 GT3, the Valentino Balboni and many more that would need its own post just to name them. The Squadra Corse definitely will be valuable due to the fact that only 50 were made.

8. Enzo Ferrari

In my honest opinion, the Ferrari Enzo was the first Supercar that gained mass appeal. While we did have the EB110 from Bugatti, Diablo from Lamborghini, F1 from McLaren and others, the Enzo’s design and performance, as well as price tag and the fact that it was named after the patriarch of the Ferrari brand. The FXX and FXX Evoluzione will be the real bread winners, seeing as they weren’t even road legal. People love race bred supercars.

9. Maybach 52/62

As far as I can recall, the Maybach is the only car that has an entire record label (Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, better known as MMG). Besides that, Maybach is legendary just off of the fact of it’s ultra-luxury status and rivalry with the Rolls Royce Phantom. Although, Maybachs are really stretched versions of the S-Class Mercedes, this One’s future classic status is beyond confirmed.


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